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    Think Differently

    I saw the title of a book today, “Steve Jobs The Man Who Thought Different.” Now I know, I love Steve Jobs, but I want to focus more on the title, “The Man Who Thought Different”. To think differently, is to look at something twice. Two often, we are guilty at looking at things once. If we have a problem, we size up the issues, determine a course of action, and proceed. That’s valuable, only if our first thought is the right thought. This is why The Lord says that their is safety in a multitude of counsel. In other words, I may be looking at something with the wrong…

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    1 Cor 13 The Picture Of Love

    1 Corinthians 13 is the picture of Love. One of my favorite verses says, “Love is kind“. He doesn’t say love is sometimes kind, or once in a while kind. The Apostle simply says that Love’s nature is kind. It is so because God is Love. It’s nature is His nature, as He is, so is Love. That doesn’t mean Love is always on top of the world. When Christ’s back was split open as blood poured out with every heartbeat, Love was kind. Even prior to that, when He took chords and drove the money changers out of the Temple, Love was kind. When He sent Adam and Eve…

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    Feb Special

    It’s the month of gifts, so we would like to share one with you. Today, Feb 1, through February 3, you can get the eStory “The Engagement Rings” free. We’re doing this in celebration of our latest eStory “The Royal Order Of N’Athens” out today. One tells the story of a family who span Poland to Texas. They do so facing danger and corruption in their fight for freedom. The other tells the story of the Roman family, who fight for others every week of the year. Please take a moment and check out these and our other adventures on our amazon page.