140 Mile Stretch,  Serials

140 Mile Stretch: Convergence

Sykes was guessing where they’d end up, his heart was pounding.  His greatest fear was that they would end up in one of three places.  One was the sight of the explosion, one was the Flat Iron building, and lastly was the apartment of Walter Reynolds.  As the smoke cleared, nothing appeared to have changed.  They were in the same room, at the same time.

“Trouble getting enough juice to make the journey?”  Sykes was trying to hide the apprehension that he had only seconds prior.  What worried him was the smile hadn’t left Tom’s face.  “It’s an atmospheric term called convergence, your familiar with it aren’t you? It is a location where airflows or ocean currents meet, characteristically marked by upwelling (of air) or downwelling (of water).”

Sykes wasn’t sure why Tom was talking about all of this.  “I’m an actor, I’m afraid it’s beyond me.”  “Though, it’s not beyond Minnix, he’s listening isn’t he?”  “Of course I am.  All of my agents have a two way transmitter feeding both of us information.  Sykes, show him.”  Sykes held up his tie pin.  “It’s very discreet.”

Minnix almost screamed into the monitor.  “What are you babbling over convergence for?”  Tom laughed.  “Are you familiar with the concept?”  Minnix was losing his patience.  “Yes, get to the point.”  “Oh, I’m doing precisely that, as a matter of fact, you are the point.  3, 2, 1 …” Minnix was expecting to hear something over the communicator, not down the hallway.

There was a massive explosion at his headquarters in the Flat Iron building in New York.  Tom continued, “Convergence, Oscar Minnix, has just destroyed the machine that was blocking our signals.  Now, you can’t stop me from stopping you. Goodbye.”  “Grab him!” Minnix shouted as Sykes plunged towards a vanishing Tom.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t make it in time, and collided with a wall.

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