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       Psalms 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. A man, or woman, slips out of bed.  They head to the kitchen, make the coffee, take a comfortable chair, and they wait. They’re in no hurry, they are letting their loved one sleep.  It’s the closest human analogy we can get to this Scripture. David knew what it was like to lay on the cold, dark, hard floor of a cave.  Many times he had to go to sleep somewhere that night, and flee to another hiding place before the…

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    iPainting: Mickey Memories

    This morning’s bonus iPainting is a house warming gift that a friend of ours had expressed interest in having, so we surprised her with it as a gift.  We hope you enjoy it, and for comparison’s are, here is “Mickey Memories” beside the original Steamboat Willie.   

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    The word Creativity is used a lot in this day and age. It wasn’t always the case, Plato said that you can’t say a painter truly makes something, he imitates what he sees. Creativity is a buzz word that sounds good, and it most certainly has it’s place, but I think we’ve forgotten what that place is. [pullquote][tweetthis]”He brings order out of chaos, not with the physical world, but in our hearts and minds.”[/tweetthis][/pullquote] To understand Creativity completely, we must return to the point of first reference, the most brilliant example of Creativity since the world began, the beginning of the world. As a Christian, I believe that God created…

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    The Sea Horse: Freedom

       Nicolai walked into the Rose’s hospital room in Rook’s old office.  “He finally got Assistant Director I see.”  The Rose smiled. “Now I’m Agent in charge of theatrics as you use to call it.”  “Yes, and I’m here to get you to fire a cast member.”  “You want me to leave your protege the Sea Horse alone?”  “Oh no, he can take care of himself, I trained him.”  “You trained Rook too, and he trained me.”  Nicolai leaned on his new cane.  “You’re not at odds goal wise, you’ll work out the methods. I’m here to free someone from Rook’s witness protection.” “Elisabeth Houston, why? You knew her parents?…

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       1939, it was the year that Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Gone With The Wind, and The Wizard Of Oz hit the silver screen.  Batman was created, Hewlett Packard was founded, and Lou Gehrig retired.  Marvin Gaye, Ray Stevens, and Neil Sedaka were born that year; as were John Cleese, Lily Tomlin, and Tina Turner.  It was also the year World War II started. Hitler invaded Poland, Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial, and Einstein wrote the letter that lead to the Manhattan Project. This project would see the creation of the Atomic Bomb that would, much later, end the war with Japan.  The same year the…

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    Getting Along With People

       Getting along with people has been the secret of great leaders throughout history.  Lincoln was famous for surrounding himself with men that started out as rivals, and became committed friends. I believe that there are three keys to working with people.  First, and least important, is a common goal.  It’s the thing that brings individuals together, the incentive that makes them want to be a team.  In some cases, it’s noble, like winning a war, in others it may be for a common profit.  Either way, it’s the binder, the starting point, the mutual thread. Second is patience.  To be blunt, for you to get anywhere in life, you’ll…

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    The Resistance Symphony, An Allegory

    You never know what an act of bravery will do until you commit to it.  The lives you saved may not be your own, but in the process, you will rescue yourselves through salvaging others.  Today, find a way to impact a life, you may be surprised one day when the live you saved repays the favor. This afternoon, we present something different,  it’s an allegory about bravery in the midst, and not the absence of fear.  We hope you enjoy “The Resistance Symphony”. Hans Strauss put down the violin. “It isn’t right, the tempo is all wrong.” He picked up the clarinet and attempted the same melody. “One note…