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Stand Still

  Stand still … each time a command. Both occurrences would stop chariots, involve two different nations, and in each instance there would be an Exodus.  The first time God used Moses to part the waters of the Red Sea. The final time, they walked into the water, because another sea had been parted.

The last time the phrase was used, and the only time in the New Testament, was in Acts.  The Ethiopian Eunuch had stopped to hear Phillip’s message about Jesus, and was ready to be baptized. When arriving at the water, he commanded the chariot to stand still so he could be baptized.

Calvary became a very different Red Sea, thanks to The Lord Jesus. His blood flowed, separating us from our sins. He performed His greatest miracle while suspended for six hours on a cross.  It was far from a place of no activity, Christ carried out the greatest transaction of history that day.

In Hebrew, stand still mean to station.  Much like the famed Grand Central in New York, all lives pass through these two words. An equally like the terminal, it’s not a place where nothing happens, but one of transition.  The question is, are you strong enough to listen and wait, when everything inside you is saying run? 

Standing still is the last step before your transition.  It’s that breath before a long jump, an exiting to doubt.  Transition gets your attention, causing you to pause just a moment before heading towards a new horizon.  

If you’re in the middle of a decision, a crisis, or something bigger than you, I’ve been there. I encourage you today to add the other factor present at both instances of stand still in the Scripture.  God was there to say, “You’ve done all you can do, you came to the water’s edge, now let me take you across to a new beginning.”

Whatever you’re facing today may be bigger than we are, but it’s not bigger than Him. He’ll either part the waters, lift you above them, or keep you through them.  Either way, you will not drown, you will birth something new.  You’re not at the end, just the interlude, so take a moment, talk to The Master, and stand still to watch Him work!

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