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    Memorial Day Liberty Poem

    From Gettysburg to Kandahar American bravery spans Whether saddle, ship, or battle car On home soil and distant lands Men and women born free Risking all to share its promise That new groups may see In every corner, town, and province Liberty for all the battle cry That hope may flourish and tyranny die

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    Alaskan Silver Telegram

    Edward Mallory got off the boat, and would soon head to Pin and Mayor Lafayette. First, he went to put his suitcase at the hotel. Trouble had been brewing for a while now. One of his Uncle’s staffers had overheard his plans to protect Pin and to deal with those behind the Pick Axe organization. He had briefed his Uncle, and braced himself for the fierceness of his reaction, but in the end, had found an ally. The staffer was warned there was no place in the party for a blackmail scheme, and buckled. All of that should have meant returning to smooth waters, until a telegram arrived. Someone in…

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    The Battle Of Paynes Bridge

    This story about love and perseverance, was inspired by the great teachers and mentors in my life.  Though fictional, it’s set against the backdrop of the region I was born in.  I hope you enjoy the lesson found in The Battle Of Payne’s Bridge. The battle of Payne’s bridge isn’t a story of smokey battlefields, cannon fire, and military strategy. It’s the story of a man who wanted to better his family. It was in the foothills of Virginia, that Hadley Payne lived with his wife Lindsey, and his two daughters Reilly and Anne.  Hadley worked in the coal mines of the early 1950’s. Like most at that time, money…

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    2 iPads 4 Questions

    I love technology, I have since I was a child. For years now, my primary device has been the iPad. First it was the first generation iPad, a gift from my loved ones. Next, was the first generation iPad Mini. Recently, as an early fortieth birthday gift, I was given the newest iPad Mini. My wife, for her thirtieth birthday, received the iPad Pro. One of my best friends suggested that I post a review of the iPad Pro. Since we received them both at the same time, I thought it might do well to compare them. I love to both write, and paint, both with acrylics and digital art.…

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    Alaskan Silver Bandages

    She had pulled him out, she couldn’t believe it. Estelle hadn’t started the fire, it was an accident, it was the perfect opportunity. He had looked so helpless though, like a little boy. She couldn’t let him die, which made her happy and angry at the same time. First it meant, that though she was no longer in love with him, she didn’t hate him. When he was in trouble, she wasn’t able to abandon him. Estelle realized now, she was no murderer. That lead to the second thing, it meant everything since the shipwreck had been a waste of time. The false identity, the medical training, and all the…

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    Meet Barney

    I love short stories. They give you the freedom to share something that can be entertaining in one sitting. Short stories, if written well, can be loved and revisited over and over. I’m excited to announce my latest one, The American Barber on Amazon. It is a mystery, about a man named Barney Hyatt. Barbers have always been interesting, thanks in no small part to Howard McNear’s portrayal of Floyd on the Andy Griffith show. When it came time to write another detective story, I thought what better protagonist than a barber. At the same time, I grew up with Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot, Nero Wolfe, and Archie Goodwin. I…

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    HisBits Escape Route

    If you grew up in the heart of the Cold War, you would hardly think of 1940’s Siberia, as a path to freedom. However, that was exactly what it was to some 2,100 Polish Jews. Thanks to a Dutch Consul and a Japanese Diplomat, thousands escaped to freedom via Siberia’s railroad. After the invasion of Poland in 1939, many of the Jewish population found temporary safety in Lithuania. On June 22, 1941 Hitler’s forces invaded the Soviet Union. They would ultimately fail, and be repelled, but not before a million Jews were slaughtered by Nazi death squads. It was during this period that Polish Jews sought safe haven in Lithuania.…