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Eddington Pressure Filtered 

Marika Sokol wanted to know about the key. I would have been terrified if I hadn’t realized two things. One, she wouldn’t kill me until she got answers, and since I had none, what could I lose?  
“Tell me young man, for a person who has security, have you noticed how easily we hurt you?” She let that question sink in for about a minute, and then started again. “We can take you whenever we want. Why not make it easier?”
According to her, one of my guys was a traitor. She had to be lying, but right then, it didn’t matter. I was a pretty good negotiator in business, so it was time to prove it.  
“Doesn’t matter, either kill me, release me, or start the torture.” She expected me to stall, bluff, or bargain I wasn’t giving her the satisfaction. First, that would anger her, then confuse her.
Finally, it would do the one thing nothing else could, defeat her. After about twenty minutes she smiled. “You’re good, brave, or just stubborn. I told Rastilav it wouldn’t work, but he doesn’t listen. Know this, I may not be able to kill you before the court case, but I tidy up the Ambassador’s messes, even years after.”
They let me walk out. This was another mental trick of hers, because it was the building right beside Stefaniak’s. I laughed, I don’t like bullies. They never learn something every coffee person know. Pressure makes you better, if you Filter it.

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