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Eddington Cream Sugar And Answers

“Before you hit me, you better hear the rest of the story. I’m afraid her Uncle’s a good actor, so good in fact, that the people in his group believes he’s on their side. The Ambassador didn’t start out in politics, he started out in intelligence, and he still is.”

I let this sink in for a minute, the guy who had beaten me up, threatened me, and everything else, wasn’t the bad guy? This didn’t seem real, or make any sense, I had to have proof.” He could tell I was trying to reconcile my bruises with his information.

“He’s been in deep cover, but he’s on your side. He couldn’t tell who was pulling his strings, the only way to find out, was to orchestrate a trap. The bait had to be good, and he’s been searching for this lure for two years.”

Otecko had taken it all in until now. “When did you meet this girl?” Michael smiled. “Last June, he found us on his own. I couldn’t believe it when he approached me two days ago. His niece isn’t included in his deal, that’s when I reached out to our guys, and Sam and I talked. Sam fast tracked everything, and now I’m here.”

I asked the next question. “What about his hit woman?” He shook his head no. “He’s on his own, one slip up, and they would kill him. That’s why he had to be careful.”

My entire view of the story had just been turned on it’s ear, but now, we had no idea who the person in back of all this was? “So what do we now? How do you find out who our main threat is?”  

Michael didn’t answer, but Sam who had just walked in did. “You need coffee, because you’re not going to like what I have to tell you.” Somebody asked how he took it. “Today, cream, sugar, and some answers, Rastilav is dead.”

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