Thread Count

500 Thread Count … People get so excited about thread count in their bedding, until a thread starts to fray. Then it’s time to think about replacing.  The truth is, we’re not excited about the threads individually, we’re excited about the linens as a whole.

We do that with our lives.  When things start to fray, we despair over the situation.  Many times we look for a way out, or something new.  What we don’t realize is life is a lot like one of those fancy sheets.  It’s all tied closely together.

An expert craftsman weaved fine linens, until machines took over.  A lot of times we view our lives as mechanical, but that’s not true. A Master Weaver crafts our lives.

He takes the good, takes the bad, (80’s kids are hearing a sitcom theme right now), and the messed up parts, things He never wanted us to choose, and makes something beautiful.  If you’re a believer, believe today that He was working out the loose threads.  If you’re not, bring the bits and pieces to The One who crafted the cosmos.  

He knows how to give you a comforting place of rest, no matter what you’ve been through.  For all those who know Him, know that He will complete your situation, leaving no loose thread.

TCSC EP 26 – Candling

Monty’s conversation with Sven was interesting, but I wasn’t focused on it.  The note was basically a trap anyway. We hacked into the hotel’s system to view the security feed.  

We got a very clear picture of the man who left the note.  I didn’t recognize him, but I did the uniform.  Next we hacked into the delivery company’s system. We didn’t recognize the name, but it was most likely fake anyway. We were looking for the address. That proved to be far more familiar.  

“Lottie, did you know, in 1693, letters were held in front of a candle to determine the postage rate? The less the light shone through, the more costly the rate. This was known as candling.”

He was smiling. He knew I had no idea of what he was talking about, or the reason he was saying it. I was in a cantankerous mood, so I didn’t make it easy, and simply said no.

He frowned, but kept talking. “I doubt there is any light in that house at all.  It’s your former client’s home.”

I laughed. “I wonder if there’s any connection with the old line thick as thieves?” Monty’s response was to kiss me and roll his eyes. Then, he tapped a few keys, made a call, and scheduled a delivery of his own.