Hisbits: A King, Otto, And Oldenburg


History is filled with excitement. Too many can get bogged down by dates, and terms. However, there are so many interesting stories involved, for example.

He was the grandson of William The Conqueror. He fought his cousin the Empress for control of the kingdom. Lastly, he married a woman who would become a general to rescue him.  He was Stephen The First of England.

Otto fought the city of Worms. He backed an Emperor, securing his son’s release from a hostage situation. He also laid siege to Vienna. He was  Otto II of Bavaria.

Christian I Of Denmark, became King of Denmark at 22, King Of Norway at 24, and King of Sweden at 31, and Duke of Schleswig at 34.  He brokered a deal between Charles the Bold and Emperor Maximilian. Finally he established the House of Oldenburg, and his descendant, Harald V rules Norway today.  

History is filled with interesting characters, noble events, and moral lessons. If you have a problem with dates, learn the stories. They will teach you more than a number, they’ll impart wisdom, adventure, and inspire you to learn more.

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