Serials,  The Cinderella Stamp Collector

Ep 43 – Protect Your Local Stamp Collector

I’ve seen fear in my husband’s eyes, whenever he thought I was in danger.  I’ve seen concern over what we were facing. What I saw on that phone call wasn’t fear, or anger.

His face had a look of astonishment.  Monty rarely looks unsettled, but he did at that moment.  He moved quickly after he hung up the phone.  We met with The Chinese, but he explained that I was needed back in the states.

He told them I would be flying home.  He could stay for two weeks, and no longer himself.  He but up a somewhat matter of fact personality that was irritating.  It had the effect he had hoped, they rejected our help entirely.

I left feeling like we had wasted their time.  He had trouble containing his relief.  Monty still would not tell me who was behind the Swiss Route.  

We made it, not home, but the family’s secure bunker in the Alps! Another surprise of Sven’s.  That night Monty left for Zurich.  I had a long talk with Sven.

“He knows something, and he’s terrified for me to know it. I need to know why, and for you to arrange all of this, you know.  Sven, tell me who is behind the Swiss Route?”

“Charlotte I can’t tell you. Monty specifically asked me not to, but you knew that.  You’re real question is, is he in danger. I’m sorry to say, I don’t know that.”

“If things are as they appear, then the answer is yes.  If Monty’s other theory is right, then he’s in extreme danger.  Ask yourself something Charlotte, from the beginning what theme has ran through this mess?”

I made a weak joke about Cinderella and a Fairy Godmother. He laughed, then shook his head. “Our Cinderella is a stamp remember? Think about it.  Monty and Brendan, the Chinese Diplomat and his brother, me and Eric.  It’s been a theme.”

I stood up and started packing.  Sven called over my shoulder. “I’ve got two tickets booked. I promised him I wouldn’t tell you who. I also pointed out I couldn’t stop you from following. Let’s go protect our Stamp collector!”

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