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Adoption Not Abortion

My Wife and I are in the process of adoption. After PCOS and Endometriosis led us to a necessary full hysterectomy, we are waiting to welcome a precious child. Because of both our faith, our struggle, and our conviction that every life is precious, we believe in adoption, not abortion.

I’ve seen wonderful people do incredible things to rescue animals in distress in birth situations. They do anything they can to bring a new little animal into the world. Rightfully so, they are applauded. So it is in shock that I see a state applauding the killing of a child right up until the time of birth.

I’m not here to be political, I don’t care how you vote. What I do ask is, how can you applaud any death, whether you believe it’s a fetus or a baby, it’s still ending breathing, beating hearts, and future dreams? Adoption doesn’t do that, it gives both Mother and unborn child a future, and a fresh start.

A popular image right now shows only two letters difference in the two words, the D and P in adoption replacing the b and r in abortion. We believe the D and P stand for Divine Providence. Because it was Divine Providence that caused Christ to make a way for us all to be adopted into the Kingdom Of God. We who were sinners became saints, even though our lives were so complicated.

Pregnancy can complicate a lot of things, but is it worth ending the future days, months, and years of someone else. For all this debate whether it’s a fetus or a child, no one argues that it will be a child. It will have rights, so regardless of where you believe they do now or not, you’re still taking away their voice.

As a waiting Father, whose hoping to hold a little one in our arms and hearts, I beg you, choose Adoption not abortion. Your choice to allow for adoption and not abortion, may put our baby in our arms. Either way, choosing adoption over abortion, will most definitely put a baby in someone’s arms. Also you won’t have to face the memory of ending a future, instead you’re giving them a new beginning.

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