Pressure To Precious Things

February has been referred to by many names and terms. From the purification month, to mud month, to cabbage believe it or not, and the month of the pearl. It seems to me that, life like February is determined more by your attitude than your circumstances. 

This isn’t to say that life is easy, or that there aren’t great challenges. Of course there are, but there are also great opportunities. It is our choice whether we look at the situations we face, and work towards improving it, or giving into it. We look at mud and say what a mess, a child sees mud pies. 

The definition of February as a pearl month intrigued me, as the more layers there are in a pearl, the finer the luster. When we talk about having a thick skin, it’s not just a phrase to toughen up. Instead it’s about developing layers of experience and skills which allow you to reject the negative thoughts, deeds, and actions that may try to stop you. 

Natural pearls are made up of a combination of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Basically one is a substance found in limestone, and the other is a protein. No matter the pressure you face, you don’t have to stay where, or remain what you are presently, you can add to yourself to better your situation.

As a child, in the dark ages before the internet, I read encyclopedias. I was a child from a small coal mining town, but my parents made sure I had the tools to advance. There are more tools than ever before to help add value to our lives, and those around us. Tools that Washington, Lincoln, Edison, and Einstein didn’t have. 

So make this February 1, a fresh start or your future. Yes the battle is real, but so are your chances of thriving! Don’t allow present circumstances to destroy future possibilities. A pearl necklace is made one pearl at a time, so start converting pressures to precious things in your life!


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