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    Writing, History

    For those who want to write non fiction, and I love writing about history, I would say make it interesting. History in writing should be as exciting as it is in action. One way of doing this, is to tell a story. Instead of saying Teddy Roosevelt charged San Juan Hill, you could say it this way. The determined citizen turned soldier, albeit an unlikely mounted hero, climbed towards victory. Just because it actually happened, doesn’t mean it can’t be told with style. Second, don’t only double check the facts, but research the small details. One seemingly insignificant point, can be the jumping off spot for your historical project. Something…

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    Writing, Halfway

    For some of you, tomorrow you’ll reach the official halfway mark in your 50,000 word novel. Others will have completed their first writing project, while some may not be quite halfway, because life happens. We’ve talked a little about both. The interruptions, and navigating in and out of the turn for the middle, but today I’d like to address the halfway mark itself. First celebrate. You’ve written more than ever in your lifetime. You’ve proven that you could do what you had always dreamed you could do, you’ve written at length. While you’re not yet to the finish, you’re somewhere you’ve never been before. Second, pour into the middle of…

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    Writing, Value

    Writing, like everything in life, takes balance. This is true in the way we both view, and approach our writing. The temptations are to either view our writing as not important, or to take ourselves too seriously. One undervalues, while the other overvalued, and both can be a problem. Ignore the value, and you won’t see any reason to make time for writing. Overvalue will cause you to fret over every word, or be defensive about changes. Either can hurt your writing. There is value in your writing, and I hope you’ll make time for it. That’s not to say life will pause on you. I’m writing late today because…

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    Writing Longevity, Part Two

    There are two parts to writing longevity. The first we talked about, which is writing beyond today into tomorrow. The second part is a long writing life. Some writers like Harper Lee, May write one to two books, and it is enough. While others like Louis L’Amour wrote over 80 novels. The question only you can answer is, do I want to write my project and be finished, or do I want to write for a lifetime. Either answer is a right answer for someone, but which one is right for you? Once you’ve decided that, then you lay out your course of action. If this is one work, or…

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    Writing Longevity, Part One

    The play that just broke a sales record, is based on a fifty nine year old book. To Kill A Mockingbird was published in 1960, and it’s adaptation is a broadway hit. While you’re project may or may not rise to that level, you want it to have longevity. In a practical sense, you want this, not for fame or fortune, but for it to be relevant. One way of doing this, is to take steps to prevent your story from being dated. References, and cultural inside jokes are good for today, but you must ask yourself if people will get the joke 50 years from now. It’s not that…

  • Holidays

    Veterans Day 2019

    A Soldier doesn’t choose the battle, the circumstances, or the timing of their service, they simply choose to serve. When asked, they agree to do whatever is necessary to defend our country. At every era of our history, whether they were farmers, or computer programmers, they put their futures on hold, to secure one for us. Today is far more than a Monday in November. It’s a celebration of the lives of those who believed in our freedoms. This day, let us take the time to imagine what they must have faced. Their Thanksgiving, and Christmas, weren’t filled with the festivities you and I are blessed to enjoy. Many times,…

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    Writing, The Place

    Just a quick word on writing this morning, about setting. Setting in a story can be more than a backdrop. It can be a means of moving the story along. An event, or memory connected with a place the character either has been, is currently, or going to, can give your story interest. It can be a means of revealing, a goal, or a reward. Place like any tool, can be overused, but used well it’s a skilled way of telling your story. You want the location in your story, to cause the reader to find the perfect place, to read more.

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    Writing The Middle, Questions?

    How’s your writing project coming? Maybe you have some questions. I’ll be glad to help if you’d like. Or maybe you just need someone to vent your frustrations too. If so, my email is pruittwrites@gmail.com, and I’d love to be a part of encouraging you on your writing journey. By now you’re approaching the middle of your story. You’re not there yet, but you’re in sight of it. The middle can be challenging, a sounding board can be useful. The way you make the turn, is important. If your story were a movie trilogy, the middle is that all important second movie. What questions do you have about the middle…