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    Book Club 5th Edition: 7 Habits

      I was reminded yesterday of this wonderful book, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Dr. Stephen Covey.  As with many of the important books in my life, it was recommended by a friend and mentor, Pastor Denny Livingston.  This book will encourage you to view things from a different perspective than you may have previously.  It is a classic that is still a must read for anyone that wishes to continue to grow and learn.

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    Book Club 4th Edition: Smith’s Bible Dictionary

    This edition of PruittWrites Book Club, I would like to share a very treasured resource.  Of all the Bible Dictionaries and Commentaries that I love, this is one of my favorites.  Yes, there are newer Bible Dictionaries with great merit themselves, but Smith’s Bible Dictionary is a classic. The information it shares in the article on Shepherds alone is worth having this on your shelf.  If you prefer digital, you can find a public domain version for your iPad or computer.  Check it out today, I know it will quickly become a favorite.

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    PruittWrites Book Club: Third Edition

    In the third installment of our book club, we want to focus on one of our favorite books.  It also happens to be a second John Maxwell book, Thinking For A Change.  While we won’t always have a repeat author, this book is so special I couldn’t wait. It’s one of the most inspiring volumes on purposeful thinking that I have ever read.  If you plan on doing anything in life, it’s a must read.  I hope that you take the time to pick up this very special book.  The investment will be far less than the enormous returns it will give back to you. This isn’t only a book…

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    PruittWrites Book Club: Second Edition

       In the second edition of the book club, we focus on a classic.  Of all the books ever written on Leadership, John C. Maxwell’s Developing The Leader Within You is one of the best.  I was introduced to this book several years ago by my Pastor Denny Livingston.   It fundamentally changed the way I view leadership, and altered the course of my life.  If you are remotely interested in improving relationships with others, even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, read this book!   It will open your eyes to a brand new way of reaching out to others. If you are a leader, and most people are in…

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    PruittWrites Book Club: First Edition

      Adding value through words and pictures, that is our mission statement.  It’s who we are, not only in our writing, but what Ashley and I attempt to do in life.  We’re far from perfect, but we try to show people through our words and our actions, that they matter. This thinking has given birth to PruittWrites Book Club. This will enable us to share with our readers content that, may not be ours, but  that is highly valuable.  Our goal is for this to be more than just a reading list, but a way of introducing our readers to interactions with those people, and resources, that have added value…