iPainting Letter Writing Day 2017

Today is Letter Writing Day, and while no one seems to know how it started, it’s a great idea.  Write, text, or email a friend Today something kind. Let them know they’re not alone.

Watercolor And Poem A Child Of Hope

Poem A Child Of Hope

A Child of hope,

A Vessel of Light,

Seeing Farther in scope,

Than one Bethlehem night,

Knowing one day,

Star filled skies,

Would soon give way,

To cruel men’s cries,

As The One born this night,

Turned His darkest hour,

Into Salvation bright,

Unlocking Life’s tower,

With Timbers crossed,

And an empty tomb,

Willingly paying the cost,

Conquering death and making room,

To those who answer His call,

So unlike the inn that turned away,

Hope offered to one and all,

An eternal place to stay.

Abstract Art Piece Announcement In The Heavens

Over 2,000 years ago, there was an Announcement In The Heavens of a Life so significant, that He is most completely relevant today.  You know of Him, but do you know Him? Have you met Him at more than a manger?

There is an altar where The Child Of Christmas becomes the Savior of both your today and tomorrow. Because Jesus was born, we celebrate, because Jesus lives, we rejoice with life evermore!