Acrylic Jacob Sees The Wagons

The Word says that Jacob revived when he saw the wagons Joseph had sent.  This is my attempt at reflecting it in acrylic.  As you know, I’m passionate about God, writing, and art. My goal is to reflect Him in both my writing and artwork.

It’s the primary way I hope to add value to my readers, reminding them of God’s support, even in dark times.  The sky is purposely darker behind Jacob, than it is before him.  Yet, the cloud, fills both places.

The Lord is with us every hour, and will bring us from the darkest hour, into brightest day.  I wondered painting this, if the same road Joseph’s wagons rode in on, was the road that he was carried on, captive into Egypt?

Either way, Joseph lived, Jacob revived, and the pathway to Moses and the Passover rolled ever closer to arriving.  I hope you enjoy this acrylic, Jacob And The Wagons.


Acrylic Nashville Union Station

This acrylic on cardboard, which is a very cool medium, is of the place we had our honeymoon.  Nashville Union Station is a grand hotel, and this is not the last time that I hope to paint it.  The next one will be somewhat different, but I wanted to start with some of the elements that I love about it.  

The towers, the clock, the trains, the hotel, the hopes, and the memories.  I hope you will love this primitive of one of my favorite places, Nashville Union Station.

Acrylic Herdsman Rescue

This is the third version of this picture, and the first in an acrylic.  One was a sketch on a  legal pad, and the second was the digital version of it.  This last version is as different from them, as they are from each other.  

The interesting thing is, what started out to be a Remington style painting, ended up being more in the style of French Impressionist.  I hope you enjoy this acrylic as much as I do.  The quick backstory is this, a little calf, scared and alone, thinks he’s lost in the cold Montana winter.  Until the Herdsman, after searching for a couple of hours, finds him.  
They both make it back to a warm fire, and families that love them.  Now, they have a connection, bigger than they did before.  Our relationship with God is wonderful from the onset, but it deepens, as we snuggle in to His arm, knowing He will bring us safely through all our winter storms!

Acrylic Bat Masterson

This was a quick acrylic in primitive style of my favorite western hero, “Bat Masterson”.  Anyone remember the song? “He had a cane, and a derby hat, they called him Bat, Bat Masterson.”

Acrylic King David 

I had a little trouble with the lighting, but here is an acrylic of King David. It’s been a project of mine recently, to create either sculptures, sketches, or paintings of great Biblical leaders.  King David is mine of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy this acrylic on cardboard, of him.