Profile: Armor

Neither The Sea Horse nor his arch nemesis, High Society know what to make of the mysterious Armor. Meet him in the adventures of The Sea Horse this fall.


Batman 75

We would like to cap off our “Justice League Series” with one more view of the birthday boy. In celebration of 75 years of ?Batman, here is “Batman @ The Waterfront”.


iPainting: A Night In Europe



We hope you enjoy our newest landscape, it’s based on a photograph fromItaly. Italy seems to have a major creative impact on me right now. This is true in both writing and painting. From “The Italian Hatmaker” Serial, to the upcoming eBook “The Kite”, as well as the “Italian Countryside” painting. Now, we have “A Night In Europe” that we hope you like.

iPainting: Manhattan From The Park

I’m a fan of New York City, even if I haven’t made it to visit yet. I do like looking at photos of it though. This digital watercolor whale end after I saw a picture if a different view than I was used too. It’s called “Manhattan From The Park”, and we hope you enjoy it.