Skech: Ashley In Ink

Perhaps it’s because I Love her so much, but she’s the hardest subject I’ve ever tried to capture. At the same time, she’s my favorite one too. We call it “Ashley In Ink”, and we hope you like it.


Sketch: Batman

We hope you enjoy our latest Sketch, this time with Art Rage. It’s the caped crusader, Batman.


The Professor Sketch

We haven’t shared a Sketch in a while. This is a digital one using Penultimate. We normally work in Artrage. It’s called “The Professor”.


Tyler Pruitt Batman Sketch – Guest Artist

My younger brother, who plays at least five instruments, literally starting drawing on his iPad yesterday. This is one of his first pictures, and I have to say, I was impressed, not because he’s my brother, but because of his talent. I still can’t draw Batman anywhere close to this realistically. As a matter of fact, I learned something today. Here is one of my favorite people, and one of my favorite characters.