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    Hoover And Truman

    “My warmest sympathy and best wishes for your recovery.” These were the last six written words of former President Herbert Hoover. They were written to his friend, former President Harry Truman. These two, political opponents, from different parties, had formed a friendship that transcended politics. When Herbert Hoover left office, he was perhaps one of the most unpopular men ever to exit the presidency. Yet, in 1946, because of his experience with Germany at the end of the First World War, Truman asked him to help to determine the food needs of occupied Germany. Hoover’s initiative led to a program that served 3,500,000 children. This wasn’t the last role President…

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    Mayberry Men

    Mayberry elected Andy Taylor Sheriff, Mayors Pike and Stoner, and Sam Jones to the town council. Have you ever wondered about the men who served the fictional city? Each actor, in his own right, was an accomplished performer. So much has been written about Andy Griffith, that I won’t repeat old material. What is interesting to me, as an amateur magician, is that he was one also. A friend of mine met him, and said he did a good three card monte, which he had carried with him. Andy certainly got a lot of magic out of a make believe little town, and shared it with all of us. He…

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    Washington At The Forefront

    He created, and awarded three of the badge of merits, that would become the Purple Heart. His name was General George Washington. Today, on what we call President’s Day, we celebrate Washington’s birth. The day, now widely regarded as an honor to all the men who followed after, began as the office did. It all started with George Washington. One stalwart American, a simple Virginian Veteran, laid out the course every other leader would follow. From Lincoln to Roosevelt, each of our Presidents have attempted to follow in his footsteps. His goal was to do his best, and for that I am truly grateful. That’s all any of them have…

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    In Honor Of 41

    America’s house has seen many leaders, each has left something behind. As a group, they were as diverse from one another as could be, yet they all had one thing in common. Each stood on America’s porch, guarding those within, beckoning to those without, and guarding against any danger. Today, we said goodbye to President George H. W. Bush, or as his family referred to him, 41.  He was standing at the porch, when the Berlin Wall fell, when Communism in Russia, closed it’s doors. Today, we honor his time as guardian of our country.

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    Hisbits: World War 1

    Whether the first bullet hit him or his wife, I’m not sure. Either way, the blood soon covered the hole exposed in both the bodies and the fabric which the assassin’s weapon caused. A very real, and very deadly secret society, known as the Black Hand, personally selected six men to ensure the success of the plot. Princip was the name of the man who ended the life of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. The two, one victim and the other murderer, were loyal to their countries. Archduke Ferdinand to Austria, being the heir to the throne. Princip, to both Serbia, and a Slavic section of Austria that…

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    Hisbits: A King, Otto, And Oldenburg

      History is filled with excitement. Too many can get bogged down by dates, and terms. However, there are so many interesting stories involved, for example. He was the grandson of William The Conqueror. He fought his cousin the Empress for control of the kingdom. Lastly, he married a woman who would become a general to rescue him.  He was Stephen The First of England. Otto fought the city of Worms. He backed an Emperor, securing his son’s release from a hostage situation. He also laid siege to Vienna. He was  Otto II of Bavaria. Christian I Of Denmark, became King of Denmark at 22, King Of Norway at 24,…

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    They Made Them Laugh

    Jack Benny, while Bob Hope received well deserved recognition for entertaining the troops, Jack was a close second. In fact, it’s my understanding that only Mr Hope had more performances than Jack’s for the troops, both reaching into the thousands.  These men recognized the quality of laughter, and it’s need on the battlefield. I’ve heard people criticize the publicity received for these performances, but I don’t recall the critics doing so from the frontlines.  Which brings me to a quick point. Neither man tried to make themselves appear as scholars, they were comedians. They didn’t mind getting laughed at, or criticized. I’m sure they didn’t like it, but they looked…

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    As Beautiful As A Flower

    “As beautiful as a flower…” That’s what the city of Canton, China said of our flag in 1784. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams described it as having a new constellation. It flew monumentally above Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson, before they were ever committed to granite at Rushmore.   It is a glowing, and growing light, flying ahead of great men and women, pointing towards a better future. That has always been the truth, from thirteen small colonies to fifty states, I love the history of our country.  When I think of it, I visualize a cold Valley Forge, a solemn Gettysburg, France’s Argonne Forest, and D Day.   Heroes,…

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    July 3, 1775

    On July 3, 1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army.  We talk a lot about July 4th, but we don’t always appreciate July 3.  Leadership made tomorrow a reality, it laid the foundation of freedom, through sacrifice. There was no guarantees when Washington accepted this post. He faced obstacles, people trying to take his position, impossible odds, and a massive foe.  Why did he accept, because since 1767, he had taken a stand against tyranny.  Washington certainly did not accept for the position, it was more a target than an honor. He said yes because America needed him. He said yes, because he believed he could make a…