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    Miracle Year One

    What a year, we’ve held our miracle in our hands for a year now! What we dreamed of, what we were promised, who we longed for, now says Mommy and Daddy, and Hi. Our little Nicholas walks now, our miracle has five teeth. He brightens up a room with his smile. As amazing as the promise was, the fulfillment is greater. Oh yes, there are days when we’re tired, there are diaper emergencies, and there’s been tripping over toys. Thank God for tripping over our miracle’s collection of items that make him smile! Our miracle has the most beautiful smile. Thank God for our living, breathing, music bouncing miracle. Thank…

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    Throwback Thursday In Surprise

    We were staying in Surprise Arizona. The whole journey had been a series of wonderful surprises. It was not that having a baby was a surprise, because God had both promised and prophesied to us. However, the wonderful way He chose to bring it to pass, from the night before the hysterectomy forward, really from Ashley’s first surgery. I had wanted a child from eight years old at least, specifically a son. Ashley and I had wanted a child, longed for one, almost since day one of our marriage. Now, our Throwback Thursday was the night before the delivery in Surprise. We weren’t sure what the next day, and few…

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    Sweet Victories

    In the 1920’s we had the stock market crash. In the 1930’s we had the Great Depression. In the 1940’s, we had food and gas rationing. In the 1920’s men like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Babe Ruth developed. In the 1930’s Mickey Mouse, Wizard Of Oz, and Batman debuted. In the 1940’s, we defeated Hitler. In every decade of America, we have faced both challenges and opportunities. If we seek God’s guidance and strength, as previous generations of Americans, our victories will be sweeter than the battles were fierce.

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    A Year Ago Today

    A year ago today, we went to Service to worship with our loved ones, before flying out on Tuesday to meet our baby. Before we knew whether #NicholasAsherPruitt was going to be a little boy, Pastor Denny Livingston prayed this prayer with Ashley Pruitt and I, and all of our family in the altar. “Lord, let him be a Pruitt from the moment he was born.” I’ll never forget those words, even though I didn’t pick up on the “he” til much later. The month ahead would have unexpected twists and turns, but that prayer held us, God carried us, and our loved ones supported us, as we waited to…

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    The End Of The Storm

    I’m sitting in our living room, the power is out, but we are safe. Many in Nashville are dealing with the remnants of the storm. Thankfully we are okay. Eventually the power will come back on. We are blessed. It’s very easy, after a storm, to be distracted by the damage. However, the fact that you and I are able to view the damage, means we survived whatever we just faced. Eyes may be groggy, light switches may be temporarily silent, but we’ll catch up on sleep, flip the switch, and go into a new adventure. Please, in the midst of your clean up, remember you are still here to…

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    A great artist will tell you, at its core, paintings are about soft and hard edges. Great art, they’ll explain, regardless of genre, is about limiting the hard edges. Strategically placing the few you have, and softening as many as possible. The same is true in life. We may admire the granite jaw of our heroes, and it may draw is to them, but their heart keeps us there. It’s less about vulnerability, and more about relating to others. It’s about compassion, hope, and friendship. While we love when our heroes are fearless, at the same time, we want them to understand our fears. My heroes may have fought those…

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    Unclean Until

    Numbers 19:7-8 7 Then the priest shall wash his clothes and bathe his body in water, and afterward he may come into the camp. But the priest shall be unclean until evening. 8 The one who burns the heifer shall wash his clothes in water and bathe his body in water and shall be unclean until evening. This was not sin, it was uncleanness from burning the sacrifice. This affected the Priest, and the one who gathered the ashes. They had been washed, but they were unclean until the sun went down. What interested me, was where they spent the time of uncleanness? I began to wonder, so just for…

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    Armed With Gratitude

    TheRe is a weapon in your arsenal, that you may not be viewing as a offensive instrument. However, you can be armed with Gratitude, without even realizing the power it wields. It is more than a state of mind, but a weapon in battle. Gratitude, if kept in the forefront of your heart and mind, will do much more than cause you to say thank you. It will remind you, in the midst of your current struggle, that you’ve experienced victory. It will reinforce that you can again. Gratitude, or thankfulness, gives you strength in the moments when, your current problem is trying to convince you that you haven’t the…

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    Greatest Valentines Day Ever

    So today, in a very funny way, was the greatest Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.  First let me say, if you’re not a parent, or a soon to be parent, you may not fully appreciate my joy at the situation.  That being said, we waited 10 long years for the opportunity of experiencing today. Ashley was sick the day before yesterday, and Nicholas was sick yesterday. He seemed better this morning, so we got ready and went to daycare. We got him out, and everything seemed normal, but we smelled a “Valentine’s Day” present.  We looked down, and everything seemed normal. Then, I handed him to Mom, and that’s when…

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    Vaults Of Opportunity

    Washington’s farewell address, Lincoln at Gettysburg, Theodore Roosevelt’s speak softly carry a big stick, and finally Dr King’s speech on the steps of the nation. These are uniquely American, pivotal words that wooed a nation. Each of these calls to action, asked America to rise to her greatest potential. While there have been a handful of others, few have impacted our continent as they have. Dr King’s words spoke to freedom, equality, and the march towards a better future. Growing up, I saw all these speeches, not as commentary on where we may or may not be, but what we could achieve together. Free, and equal Americans, working towards improving…