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    Cambridge’s: Kidnapping A Wedding

    Winston Jr. stopped his Father. “Wait a minute, what do you mean, you’ve never ‘Not’ planned a Wedding before?” Winston laughed. “You haven’t heard that story?” “We were to plan a Wedding, your Mother, always a planner, intended to take six months to plan it. We hadn’t counted on two things, your cousin Les, and the one time he wasn’t being a hypochondriac.” “Les visited from America every year. Each time, it seemed that he would contract some wild illness that turned out to be a combination of allergies and jet lag. So, when his eyes were puffy, and he couldn’t stop yawning at the airport, I shrugged it off.…

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    Cambridge’s:Gray Hair And Dentures

    Your Mother sat me down and explained two things.  “First, I love you, you crazy, mixed up man.  Second, I wasn’t wanting you to propose out of fear that you’d lose me.  I just wanted to know that your plans for us involved gray hair and dentures.” “I’m sorry for waiting so long to say what was in my heart.  My plans for us have included, as you say, gray hair and dentures since the day I met you.  I was just waiting for the right time, and I wanted to ask the right way.” A month later, I found the right way.  I had a hat box delivered to…

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    Cambridge’s: Three Rings And A No

    Hagar Anthony was your Mother’s old boyfriend as a teenager. His Father was in the service. They had moved away, and now he was back. Hagar had skipped college and went into business for himself. He was fairly well to do, having invented some piece of financial software the banks were using. He made no secret about his intentions. He was here to win her back. She smiled at him the afternoon he told us that, we were at a Church picnic. “What makes you think you can?” He nodded in my direction. “He isn’t putting up much of a fight now is he?” I was about to respond the…

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    Cambridge’s: Yes I Care

    Things progressed nicely after that, I was smitten with your Mother, and now she was smitten with me. I was care free in those days, thinking I had all the time in the world. We were falling in love, but now that we were dating, I wasn’t in any hurry. We were both in college, and we were both very busy. Finally, a few months in to our courtship, my friend asked me two questions. “What are you waiting for?” The second was, “Will she still be there when you’re ready?” That friend was our, then young, Pastor R.L. Stillwell. I had known him since childhood, and watched with shock,…

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    Cambridge’s: Black Eyes Are Better Than Roses

    Ashley didn’t see what happened next. She was dazed from the door, plus the somewhat overly hefty lady landing on top of her. When she came too, Winston was sprinkling water in her face. It took her a minute to realize that what she was seeing was accurate. Winston had two black eyes. “What happened?” “Nothing much, you ok?” She heard a voice from behind her. “Nothing much indeed! Ashley looked to see the woman that landed on her standing over her. “Your young man is a hero. Two young, arrogant men had decided they were going to rob us. They grabbed me, threw me out the front door. Hit…

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    Cambridge’s: A Hospital Conversation

    Ashley loved her Mother and Grandmother, so she agreed to spend some time with this “weird young man.” She talked with him over supper at her house. She found that he was less irritating than she first thought. When dessert arrived, they were actually laughing. Ashley wasn’t convinced yet, but agreed to see him the next afternoon, “for them”, she told herself. Winston was working a half day at the store, so she would meet him there that afternoon. The problem was that her arrival coincided with the arrival of a new shipment of merchandise. When she walked in, Chester informed her that Winston was in the back. “I’ll wait…

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    Cambridge’s: It Trumps Two Sacks Of Wheat

    Winston remembered being heartbroken when he and his friend Chester arrived at the McCalister house. The initial announcement of the gift to her Grandmother was welcomed, but as they were carrying it up the steps, the strap tore. The clock went backwards, placing a huge hole in the back of the clock. “That is when my son, I learned the amazing spirit of your Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  They could see that I was really disappointed.  Your Mother wasn’t home yet, so they went to work.  The two of them fixed the clock in a few minutes with a small cloth glued to the outside of the back of it. …

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    Cambridge’s: The Olsen Clock

    Winston Sr. was transported mentally all those years as he narrated to his son. “This was old Wilson’s store when I was young.  He had good merchandise, but nothing like we have been blessed with, save one item.” “There was one piece that was the most exciting thing in the store.  I loved it, you might say, it helped point me in the right direction, for all the wrong reasons”  Winston hadn’t heard all this story before, but he knew what the item was.  “The Olsen Clock.” His Father smiled.  He saw her outside across the way.  She was helping her Grandmother with shopping.  Ashley McCalister was home from college…

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    Cambridge’s: An Emporium?

    “Imagine it, an emporium? With all kinds of items as far as the eye can see. Cambridge’s will be the most important store in all of England.” Winston Jr. was absolutely beaming with excitement. His Father smiled at him. He let his son enjoy the adventure of his imagination for a few minutes, then sat him down. “Son, you have a bright and an exciting future ahead. I don’t doubt that you could make this the single most vital merchant location in all of Europe. If you choose to do that, I’ll back you one hundred and twenty percent. Before you do though, I’d like you to look around.” Winston…