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    It’s Here! Ruth: The Book Of The Friend

    It’s Here! We’re excited to announce the publication of our first Bible Commentary. The eBook is called, “Ruth: The Book Of The Friend“, and it’s available now on our amazon site for $2.89 each. All of the profits will go to our church, Point Of Mercy, in Nashville, Tennessee. The funds raised will help to finish our new auditorium. We are really excited about what God has given us for this book. It takes the form of chapters which highlight areas of the book. Many look at Ruth as a short history of one family, but it is so much more. This family are the grandparents of David, and the…

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    The Book Of Ruth 30 By 30

    As you know, for the last few months, we’ve been working on, and sharing part of a commentary on the book of Ruth. It is one of my favorite books of The Bible. It’s so rich in content, and provides the background on David’s family. We have wanted to bring this to you for some time, and are in the process of finishing it up now. As you know, I attend Church, and am on staff at Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. We are blessed to feed a number of people every Sunday, both physically and spiritually. Our Church has literally outgrown our current facility. Rather than going in…

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    Christmas In July: L.O.C. And Key Inspiration

    The first, and one of my favorite, of our Christmas eStories is “L.O.C. & Key”. It was inspired by two people, one is my Wife Ashley. She is always an inspiration to me. The second was a wonderful friend in our Church. The only thing that was added to the main character’s look was the handlebar mustache. I wanted the story to have a North Pole connection that was different. I’ve always loved the Santa key concept, and have wanted to use the coal concept for a long time in a different way. That created the Lump Of Coal and Key department. It is a branch of North Pole operations…

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    You see shamrocks and green suits on St. Patrick’s Day, and elves at Christmas, so who watches over Mother’s Day. Is it a little white haired lady, or a career woman? No, it’s a special agent, engaged to his dream girl, who left his dream job to work for his Mother. H.R. Escutcheon is the point man to protect Mother’s Day. This year, find out what threats he has to face to ensure Mom keeps her special day. M.O.T.H.E.R. is available now from www.amazon.com/author/pruittwrites!

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    Feb Special

    It’s the month of gifts, so we would like to share one with you. Today, Feb 1, through February 3, you can get the eStory “The Engagement Rings” free. We’re doing this in celebration of our latest eStory “The Royal Order Of N’Athens” out today. One tells the story of a family who span Poland to Texas. They do so facing danger and corruption in their fight for freedom. The other tells the story of the Roman family, who fight for others every week of the year. Please take a moment and check out these and our other adventures on our amazon page.

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    Special Offer

    Starting today, Dec 7 through Dec 11, Amazon.com is offering our story “Scarfed” FREE! We hope you enjoy this heartwarming story about the trouble that occurs when you’re loving grandparents combine Valentine’s day with Christmas, and you’re the target! If so, check out our other Christmas fare. “Captain Christmas” tells the story of how a pilot from Chicago. Tim Hill has to learn to soar above his fears if he wants to be the next Santa Claus. That is if his cousin doesn’t knock him off the wing of the plane first! You’ll also find two versions of, “L.O.C. And Key“, the original and illustrated editions. Who is Alexander Kildaire,…