TCSC Ep 27 – An Explosive Response

The windows blasted open, glass went everywhere.  We would have been dead, had we been inside. That’s the beauty of a fake entry, if you live underneath it, and the first floor gets blown up, you’re as safe as the ground level’s roof, ours was titanium.

At least Sven said it was that strong. He had safe houses stashed everywhere it seemed. Monty told us this one was where his Mom had took them on vacation once.   

He had asked her why it was mostly underground, and she had explained to the eleven year old genius, “It’s safer during storms.” It was logical, so he accepted it. Now the type of storm she had really meant, was raining down on the top level.  

We used one of the tunnel exits to walk out two blocks down.  The news that night had some cover story about a small gas explosion.  We knew the truth.  I’m tempted here to use some cliche around the word Stamp, but instead I’ll tell you about our delivery to them.

It’s probably what caused such an explosive response, sorry, had to do it.  We sent a thumb drive containing old news reports about the death of a Chinese Ambassador, and a list of four names on it.  We suspect it was the third name that made them nervous, so much so they didn’t care how we knew, they just wanted us dead.

Acrylic The Garden Tomb

The truth of Sunday’s reveal, invading the darkness of Saturday. That is what this acrylic God blessed me to paint is about. It is my most important painting to date.

The Resurrection has happened. Mary has seen “The Gardener”. John and Simon Peter are about to turn the corner.

Notice, there are twelve roses in total. While artists can be overly dramatic, the number is on purpose. Twelve for the twelve Apostles of The Lamb, and the twelve tribes of Israel.  We hope you enjoy The Garden Tomb as much as did painting it. Also, if you haven’t experienced it, that was my utmost prayer for you.

Happy Birthday Israel

Seventy years ago this week, the modern state of Israel was established. It became once again a physical country with borders, but it’s reach continues to be borderless. The nation of Israel, and the Jewish people have given the world amazing gifts.

As a Christian, first and foremost, is the gift of my Savior, The Lord Jesus.  As well as Abraham, David, Moses, Isaiah, and Elijah. From Spiritual matters, to the Ten Commandments, and it’s influence on the legal systems of history, to military campaigns it touches every corner of society. The strategies of the Bible, have won many battles by faith, by law, and by skill.

Other more recent names, such as Einstein, Heifetz, and Perlman. Science, classical music, and culture all have been enriched by the sons and daughters of Israel. Like many other countries, America has many Jewish descendants who have added to our story.

From statesmen, scientists, musicians, and entertainers, Jacob’s descendants have impacted the world.  To celebrate Israel, is a celebration of history, revelation, and exploration.  From David, to David Ben-Gurion, the versus Goliath story resounds with us all.  

It gives us hope that, we can face, and defeat the things which tower over us.  Each family of the Earth, every race, every culture holds riches. Today we celebrate the family of a man who heard the call of God to leave a city to found a nation.

We owe so much to Abraham, the father of Faith. So this week Israel, we celebrate you. Your hardships, your journey, your successes, and your triumphs during setbacks, never accepting defeat.  Happy Birthday Israel!

Thread Count

500 Thread Count … People get so excited about thread count in their bedding, until a thread starts to fray. Then it’s time to think about replacing.  The truth is, we’re not excited about the threads individually, we’re excited about the linens as a whole.

We do that with our lives.  When things start to fray, we despair over the situation.  Many times we look for a way out, or something new.  What we don’t realize is life is a lot like one of those fancy sheets.  It’s all tied closely together.

An expert craftsman weaved fine linens, until machines took over.  A lot of times we view our lives as mechanical, but that’s not true. A Master Weaver crafts our lives.

He takes the good, takes the bad, (80’s kids are hearing a sitcom theme right now), and the messed up parts, things He never wanted us to choose, and makes something beautiful.  If you’re a believer, believe today that He was working out the loose threads.  If you’re not, bring the bits and pieces to The One who crafted the cosmos.  

He knows how to give you a comforting place of rest, no matter what you’ve been through.  For all those who know Him, know that He will complete your situation, leaving no loose thread.