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Welcome to my corner of the Internet. I hope you’ll enjoy it here. I intend for this to be a collection of thoughts, writing, and conversation. More than anything else though, I hope you’ll find it encouraging. My purpose is not to be antagonistic, if anything, this is going to be the Anti-Negative Journal. If its important to me, I’ll address it, but with God’s help, I’ll address it in a positive manner.
Occasionally, you’ll see Dear Ed articles. Ed will be short for edification. They may seem somewhat comical, but I hope they’ll mix whimsy with knowledge to lift someone up. Ed’s a wily character, he’s patterned after a combination of people, including a comedian or two.
This will also give me a chance to share some of my writing with you, both fact and fiction. The first book God gave me was called, “A Portrait Of Servants.” It was a volume about heroes. Ministers that I look up to and there biographies. My second book is in the works now, it’s a book of messages from my seventeen years in the Ministry. It would have been my third book, but the second one is in the waiting stages. Part of it is written, but I feel like I don’t have the experience to finish it yet.
Finally, there are my short stories. I publish them on amazon under Timothy J. Pruitt. They range from the family comedy, “Prevot Said No”, to the action adventure, “The Engagement Rings.” we also have a trio of Christmas stories. The first is L.O.C. And Key. It’s about a very different secret agent and his mission to bring happiness to his adult Granddaughter at Christmas.
I really love a good, “We have to find a new Santa Claus!”, story. Mine is Captain Christmas. Tim Hill is a nice guy. He’s used to flying a small plane with engines, not a sleigh whose engines eat hay all the time!
Rounding out the three is “Scarfed”. It’s what happens when your Grandparents decide you need to get married, but you need their help to do it! George and Ilene Ryan are like two big hearted steamrollers that are determined to push Luke to The Altar. You’re asking, where do the scarves come in?
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll check in regularly.

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