I saw a picture of a friend of mine today, Cory McCool, a huge part of my family. His smile was as bright as ever, and I can’t imagine it any brighter. Although I know it is, for he’s there now. Heaven is a place as real as any address the Post Office delivers too. Even though a mail carrier cannot transit our letters back and forth, it exists. It is as real as the noonday sun, and more desirable than rain to a barren land.
Heaven holds more for me now than it ever held before. My Savior, my patient, loving, and yes, long suffering King awaits me there. Three out of four Grandparents have crossed over, no longer feeble, and no more wheelchairs. I have three siblings that miscarriages took from my Mother. An Uncle that passed as a child is there too. One of my best friends is smiling and laughing in that treasured place.
For those reasons alone, I long to go there, but even more than this, it means something else. It’s a place where all questions fall away. Paul said that now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. We get to be with Jesus, to know Him more than ever before.
I’m sure that like myself, you have plans for what you’ll do when we reach that shore. Right now, there is a lot we have to wait on, embracing certain ones and talking to them. However, there is one thing that I don’t have to wait on.
I may not get to see His face just yet, but here I can still talk to Him. In this vale of tears, I can still hear His sweet voice. How often do we neglect communicating to the One we claim we’re going to Heaven for?
I can’t speak for anyone else, but I want my conversations with Him on this Earth to accumulate to more than just a few hours of my life. I can’t currently pass the milky way, but I can enter Heaven’s door. For where He is, is truly Heaven, and He meets me in that place of prayer.
So, I encourage you today, to take a trip to Heaven on prayer’s strong wings. They are more than capable of entering His presence as He wraps you in His arms. The old song says, “Sing One More Song About Heaven.” To sing or talk about Heaven is to talk about Jesus.
May the passion of His presence never bore us. His hands were scarred for you and I. Those stripes that He could have banished from His glorified body, but didn’t, those say I Love You. His patience with my stumbling and stupidity overwhelms me.
The fact that He saw me, and yet still loves me, leaves me amazed. I must never forget, Heaven is more than just the ending of my journey, Heaven is The God of my journey! The Lord Jesus should be more Heaven to me than walls of jasper and gates of pearl!
I want Him to know that He is more than just my pardon to Paradise, but my reason for existing. I want, some way, to let Him know that I appreciate Him. More than that, I want The Lord to know that I treasure Him.
Let’s take some extra time this week, and ignoring problems and requests, show Him that He is the reason that we pray. That it’s not what we need, or where we’re going, but that it’s who we’re traveling with that means the most to us.

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