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Who What When Where

Too often in my life, I’ve been guilty of spending too much time asking why. Why did this happen? At other times, I’ve wasted a lot of energy being concerned over how. How was I going to do this? I’ve found though, that why and how are overrated.
The two twin words don’t bring much comfort. The real productive questions are Who, When, What, and Where. The who matters, first and foremost, because of the Who that loved me enough to give His life for me, The Lord Jesus. When I spend my time and energy engaged with Who The Lord is, why and how lose their importance.
Also, the who can be, who are the loved ones around us. The people that go through our trial with us deserve our time and attention. The Lord laid out the prime example for us when He came to Earth. The Eternal God, the One who is the center of all things, spent all of His time focusing on others. If I follow His example, I’ll show those I care about that I love them more than I love myself.
In the same way, I feel my mind with whens instead of the whys. The when matters because it reminds us of the memories we have with those we love. Remember when we did this, or when God gave me that victory! Memories trump worries anytime.
What, matters in the sense of, What are your priorities? What matters to you? Struggle and tragedy are great times to re-access what we value. What can I do to make someone’s life better or easier? “What can I do to help?”, is always a greater question than, “How did this happen?” One question signals giving, the other is concerned only with receiving an explanation. There is a necessary time and a required place for how, but timing is everything. First, give them a shoulder to cry on, and worry about how later.
Last of all, the where matters. Where are you going to spend the time of your trial? Where is more a location of spirit than of body. It goes back to my priorities, I can choose to spend the time in the pit with my problem, or working for others. I encourage you today to think about the Who,What, When, and Where around you, it’s a good way to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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