Unexpected Blessings

I’m sitting at Starbucks on a Friday afternoon. No, it’s not a vacation day, it’s a work day. Unexpectedly, I was able to leave early. There is no special reason, at least that my supervisor would pinpoint. I could though, it’s been a stressful week.
It’s been a good week, but it’s had it’s twists and turns. I think The Lord saw that I could use a little downtime. God amazes me at times, even over the smallest thing, He shows me how much He cares.
You see, one of my weaknesses is that I worry too much. I shouldn’t, and I’m working on it, but I have that tendency. I needed a few quiet minutes away, and without expecting it, He blessed me with a few hours.
Sometimes, all you need is a little time. What we do with that time makes all the difference. Yesterday, I was stressed, but talking to The Lord about it helped. He gave me an acronym yesterday for Stress.

S eek
T imes of
R efreshing,
E ncamped in the
S avior’s
S trong arms

If we Stress the right things, we’ll be less stressed! God isn’t saying that we won’t have problems. As a matter of fact, He said the opposite.

John 16:33

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

The Lord said, “I warned you that there would be trouble. This way, you can stay calm in the midst of trouble. The reason you can is this, I have already overcame any trial you will face.”
We forget, or ignore that, in those times when we panic. My Dad used to tell me, “The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the main thing. The main thing is, don’t get excited.” In other words, if I will take a minute and trust God, then I won’t stress.
It’s not a matter of whether or not I’ll be ok. God already said that we’ll be ok. The only question is, how much are we going to trust Him along the way?
I can either stay calm and be an example to others of what God wants me to do. Or, I can hyper ventilate and hear Him say, “See that guy? Don’t act like him!”
I want to be an example of what a Christian should be, and not what they shouldn’t be.
So, hopefully, the next time you see me in a storm, it will be like the Apostle Paul at the time of shipwreck. I want to either swim to shore, or calmly hold on to a piece of the ship, as I float to land. I don’t want to force God to keep me from drowning in a foot of water.
If you’re hurting, scared, frustrated, or weary, let me encourage you today. Steal away and talk to the Master. Prayer still lifts burdens. It does so because it puts you in the presence of the Burden Bearer, and He continually hands out Unexpected Blessings!

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