My Favorite Time Of Year

I love November and December, like many I’m sure, it’s my favorite time of year. It means so much to me on multiple levels. This time of year, we celebrate not just our Savior’s birth, but His life story. I know He wasn’t born at the end of the year, but how better to appreciate what He does in our lives? He first meets us, at the end of our ropes. Time has run out for us, spiritually and mentally. Yet, when He is birthed in our hearts, suddenly a new year begins! No wonder we celebrate! Of course we celebrate, Christ Is Born!

He goes with us through our hard times as well. Like our spiritual journey, His didn’t end with His birth. They hurried to Egypt when it looked as if a mad man would attempt to murder Him. The Lord has experience dealing with trials.

I love the Scripture that says, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” I love it because it not only applies to the actual end, but to perceived ends. There have been plenty of times when I felt my world was ending, but He was there. Like the three Hebrew children, either way, He is with me!

I love this time of year too, because of family and friends. Time for loved ones, time for, well time with them. Time spent with those you love is more valuable than the most expensive stock on Wall Street.

Finally, I love the stories this time of year. Today, I would like to gift you one of my own. It’s called,”The Snowman’s Message”. This short story, in ebook form, is about a Pastor sharing the Gospel in a very creative way. If you would like it, email with Snowman in the subject line.

Thank you for sharing this season with me. I hope you enjoy a small gift, from me to you.

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