Dec 27

It’s December 27 and I’m thinking about what it must have been like two days after Jesus was born. While we know that He wasn’t born in December, think about what happened next. Not so much the events, but the response to those events.

Our Pastor, Denny Livingston, took three Sundays this month to focus on Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. I strongly recommend going to or and listening to them, or checking out the podcasts on iTunes.

I’m not going to add to them here, but it inspired me to wonder, “What went through their minds two days later?” Now that He was here, there was work to be done. The question is, did they temporarily get so caught up in the work that it lessened the wonder? I don’t think so, but often, isn’t that what we do?

In the business of taking down the tree, packing up the lights, and tossing the wrapping paper, do we forget? This is not a new question, but it is one that should be asked each year. In 2013, we face new battles, adventures, and challenges, but we don’t face them alone.

The God birthed in the Manger was with Mary and Joseph through every step of the way. He didn’t come into their lives to leave them, He came to lead them. Yes, He would die on Calvary, but that wasn’t the end. As the first fruits of the Resurrection, He was clearing the path they, and we will follow.

So let us encourage ourselves in this, Christ is with us daily, even when decorations are a memory. I’m so glad that in both the cold of winter and the heat of July, He stands with me. So Merry Christmas today, tomorrow, and always, for He abides with me!

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