• Writing Notes


    We’ve finished the rough draft on our latest story, N’Athens. We’re in the editing process now. I’m excited to share my first Nashville based story with you. It spans the globe to tell the fictional story of a family who works to help with a very real world problem. Keep checking back with us for the release date of N’Athens!

  • Thoughts


    I know that it’s January, but when I think of the promise that a new year brings, my mind wonders back to December. Of course, that’s not unusual for anyone that knows me. I think back to a certain Christmas special where the hero is persuading the villain that he can change if he wants. All he has to do is take the first step. A step is a wonderful thing. It holds the promise of a changed life, yet it also has another message, that change starts small! That’s the liberating part of it, you don’t get have to go a million miles in a day, you start with…