A Testimony

The Screwdriver

Today, roughly three miles from the Church, we heard three noises and stopped on the side of the road. The tires, and everything else, seemed to be fine. We went on to the Church to unload some supplies.

When you step out of the side door of the fellowship hall, you’re on an elevated concrete stoop. It was then that I saw something amazing. Underneath the car, between the driver’s door and back door, was a screwdriver. It was lodged under the car.

When I pulled it out, it had not punctured anything. We let the car run for a short while to be sure. The screwdriver itself was also free from any liquid.

The Lord had His hand on us once again! It could have broken a belt or, at the very least, punctured a tire. Thank You Lord for Your provision and protection! I intend to keep this screwdriver as a reminder that God always watches over His children!

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