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Sky Bridge: Second Chances

Hans set outside the restaurant, ready to go, he knew there would be no time to waste. His hover copter could get there faster than any chopper or sky transit in the city. It had some special added features that were not listed on the inventory manifest.

For that matter, Hans had some skills of his own, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. This Grandfather of two could still steer the corners like he once had on classified missions in a corner of the world. That was where he had first met Isaac. He wasn’t Isaac back then, nor was Hans who he was now.

Hans was Hank, and Hank was a hot shot American pilot. The next time they met, Hank was holding on to the last shreds of his humanity. Isaac sought him out and helped him. He introduced him to a small refuge on the east of the city, and his life began to change. Now, he and his beautiful wife had a wonderful family. They helped Isaac repair other families in need.

Inside, Cloris was ringing her hands, trying not to cry. Her son wasn’t speaking to her, she had ran off the last of her family. Cloris had changed, but would they see it? She wasn’t the selfish woman she had once been. They had to see, not for her sake, but for Collin’s. He had no other options if they didn’t.

Within seconds Annette and Carl were at her table. “I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks, and you’ve ignored my calls.” Annette fumed at her sister. Cloris shook her head no in desperation. “I haven’t ignored them, I’ve been trying to get to where I could answer them.”

Carl spoke next. “What do you mean?” Tears filled Cloris’ eyes, “Like everyone else in my family, I’ve alienated him too. He refuses to speak to me, I can’t even get him to listen long enough to explain about your Collin.”

Annette was fueled with past and present rage, “Give me his address, I’ll make him understand.” “I’m afraid it wouldn’t work that way Mrs. Washington.” Isaac Rosen said from behind her. She turned suddenly, “Mr. Rosen, how would you know anything about this?” “I know all about it, that’s why you’re here tonight. We’re here to help you save your son’s life.”

All the anger left her, “How can you save my son?” Isaac took a deep breath and motioned for them to sit down. “We can introduce him to someone who can give him the same gift he would grant Collin, a second chance at a new life.”

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