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Sky Bridge: The Donor

Isaac rolled a cart with an ice sculpture to the young people’s table, it was the size of a large vase. The artist had used a crystal blue food coloring to hue the ice. He had carved it by hand, to Isaac’s specifications. Michelle loved it, Jerry just stared.

“Who’s paying for our meal? Who sent this statue?” His voice was calm, but even a stranger recognized the animosity in his voice. Isaac smiled, “I am paying for your meal, as for the statue, it was also my idea. Isn’t it wonderful to not have to worry? This sculpture is meant to reflect that, it’s title is ‘The Donor’, it’s patterned after a painting a local New Yorker painted many years ago. Would you care to hear the story?”

Jerry relaxed slightly, “I know the painting very well, I never knew there was a story behind it. Tell us please.” “Carter Gold was an orphan at was three years old. He ran away from the state when he was fourteen. Carter tried to make a living, but couldn’t keep a job. Finally one day, he found his way to a restaurant. A man known as Papa Georges took him in, and gave him a job.”

“Carter was horrible at every job he tried, but Papa never gave up on anyone. One day, he noticed Carter doodling, Papa went out and bought a digital palette and eCanvas, and placed them in his hand. Carter said that he didn’t know how to paint, Papa insisted that he try.”

“It took a while, but today Carter Gold’s pictures sell for two to five million easily. “The Donor” was one of his first paintings, Carter gave it to a close friend. How do you know it?” Jerry swallowed, “It hung in my Father’s pawn shop. I never cared for art, but he told me it was very valuable, and one day would pay for my college education. That’s until my Mother sold it and kept the money.”

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