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Sky Bridge: The Pawn Shop

Cloris listened to all this through the ear piece that Mr. Rosen had provided. She hung her head in shame. At the time, she told herself that it had been for the best, all she could see back then was her own pain. Henry, her husband was dead, and she had spiraled out of control after the accident.

It had started with her trying to eliminate anything that reminded her of her husband, and her formerly happy life. One by one, she sold off everything they had shared. Then she started pushing people away that had been part of their lives. First acquaintances, business partners, then friends and family.

When Jerry turned 14, she looked at him, and saw Henry staring back at her, it terrified her. Over the next four years, she had pushed her only son out of her life. The pawn shop had been her Father’s business before it was hers, that was the only reason she had kept it. She even changed her last name back to her maiden name.

After years of running, she realized that she had no one and nothing left. Cloris would have ended it all, had it not been for the visitor that day. Ironically enough, his name was Henry. That was when her life slowly began to change, now she was trying to mend fences. She was terrified, but had faith that God would not let it be too late.

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