Christmas In July 2013,  Writing Notes

Christmas In July: Scarfed

Some characters seem to be independent of real life people, then they’re are others. George Ryan, the lead character in “Scarfed”, looks exactly like Dick Van Dyke with a mustache. He, and Russell Paris from “The Balloon”, are the two most connected to actors. Russell is a husband and a father, and a comedian. In my mind, he is a physical twin to Robin Williams.

I mention this because it so propelled the stories forward. I could see them in my mind as movie scenes. Little things the character do add to the story, like George’s opinion of his grandson’s apartment. It’s one of the most vivid descriptions in the story. These characters are special to me, and I hope that they will become so to you.

“Scarfed” also incorporates a fascination with house flipping. This is such a interesting area to me. You take a run down building and turn it into a warm and inviting home. I suppose that’s part of what I love about Christmas, God took a cold and sin destroyed world, and turned it into a vehicle to redemption through Christ.

I hope this Christmas, you celebrate His birth, your family, and friends. On top of that, I hope you receive every present you wish for. I hope you get iPads, computers, and more, but most of all, I hope you get “Scarfed.”


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