Sky Bridge,  Writing Notes

Sky Bridge: The Artist

Isaac Rosen nodded to the kitchen. “Mr. Sanders, here at The Garden, wonderful things happen on a regular basis. Last night, a millionaire walked in. His intention was to have the finest meal we have, then jump from his penthouse apartment. He was alone, except for his money, but something happened. The man left with the wife who, two weeks prior, had filed for divorce.”

“Today, they renewed their vows and set sail for a second honeymoon. All it cost him was swallowing his pride, something that he had spent millions and years trying to keep. Some days you’ll find that to keep what is the most dear to you, you must be willing to let everything else go.”

Jerry was polite, but angry. “Mr. Rosen, I’ve lost almost everything, I can’t afford to let go of anything else.” Isaac looked at the young lady across the table. “If you don’t, perhaps the cost will be greater than you yourself can redeem?” Michelle didn’t look up, she didn’t understand, but for the first time in a while, she had hope.

Isaac made his next move.”If the two of you will follow me to the kitchen, I think we’re ready for another happy ending. Or do you not want to meet your anonymous benefactor?” The three made their way to the second most important room at The Garden. Isaac lead them to the back of the kitchen where an old man waited with a wooden easel.

His hands were withered and tired. It had been two years since he could hold a brush in them. During the last few years he had known it was coming, so he painted feverishly. Every minute he was painting, the canvas underneath was his last. Right now, it didn’t seem like much, but in a few minutes, to the world, it would be his most valuable painting.

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