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It’s Here! Ruth: The Book Of The Friend

It’s Here!

We’re excited to announce the publication of our first Bible Commentary. The eBook is called, “Ruth: The Book Of The Friend“, and it’s available now on our amazon site for $2.89 each. All of the profits will go to our church, Point Of Mercy, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The funds raised will help to finish our new auditorium. We are really excited about what God has given us for this book. It takes the form of chapters which highlight areas of the book. Many look at Ruth as a short history of one family, but it is so much more.

This family are the grandparents of David, and the ancestors to The Messiah. They lay a foundation for the future, while building on the legacy of the past. You’ll understand why it was so easy for Boaz to accept Ruth, once you learn who his mother was. Find out how a friendship forged this family, and replaced tears with peace.

You’ve heard of Cinderella’s glass slipper? That may have been a bit unusual, but PruittWrites would like to share another shoe story with you. Learn why the shoes on your feet can be more important than the house you’re in right now.

Famous singers have vocalized the need for it. The rich and famous have lamented the absence of it in their lives. Friendship is more than a common acquaintance. It is a God intended blessing for each life here on Earth.

Naomi thought that she had lost everything. She found a friend that knew exactly what she was going through. Together, they walked out of their sorrow, into a better place. Please join us as we journey with them through “Ruth: The Book Of The Friend” on

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