Sky Bridge,  Writing Notes

Sky Bridge: The Story

“Jerry, this is Carter Gold.” “Hello Jerry, you look a lot like your Father.” “Mr. Gold, I, pleased to meet you sir. Mr. Rosen, I don’t understand.” Isaac smiled, “Do you really need too? Or can it just be something wonderful that has happened?”

Jerry looked at his Wife, she looked at Mr. Rosen. “He’s a concrete guy Mr. Rosen, you’re going to have to explain it. He’s been hurt to many times to just believe that there isn’t a catch.”
Isaac nodded, “So was I a few years ago. Jerry, I’ll explain everything, first though, let me tell you a story. It’s not an abstract tale, it’s the story of a younger me. I wasn’t always a fabulous restauranteur, in fact, I worked for a friendly government, as a very efficient, unfriendly operative. One visit from me, and your doctor added at least six zeroes to your bill, if you made it.”

“Don’t let people tell you that lifestyle is thrilling, the truth is, it’s excruciating. You’re lonely, you’re distrusting, you’re always moving. That’s on a good day, on a bad one, you trust the wrong person, and never move again.”

“Retirement in that position wasn’t easy, too many people don’t like you. I tried, and always ended up saying one day. As a result, I slowly gave way to destruction. Bitterness and alcohol were my weapons of choice for what was essentially slow suicide. I was killing myself, and didn’t care.”

“It may surprise you Jerry, but while an addiction and a killer, it was the easier of the two to kick. I got rid of it to save my liver, the bitterness took much longer. You see, the alcohol was my coping mechanism for the bitterness. Once my crutch was gone, I fell apart even faster.”

“Bitterness can destroy you, it almost did me. Of course, the climax of that involved a man running for his life, redemption, and forgiveness.” Jerry smirked, “Let me guess Mr. Rosen, he came to kill you, you forgave him, and then you were both free?” 

“Not exactly, I came to kill him, and we only forgave each other after a third party tried to murder is both. Ironically, I had to put a bullet in him to save his life, and mine.  It’s still three inches above his heart. It worked, and we’ve been best friends for the rest of our lives.”

“The two of us were messed up, washed up, lousy former government operatives. We almost destroyed this place in the aforementioned altercation. As it so often happens here, our lives ended here, and started anew. We met someone who gave us a new life. Please understand, we had to choose life, no one forced it on us. Life is a choice, you have to actively select it to change.”

“Maybe so sir, but I’m not trying to kill anyone. I’m not running to anything, or from anyone.” Isaac paused, he had to say this carefully, “Aren’t you? You run from the pain of a mother who rejected you for reminding her of the husband she lost. In the process, it’s costing you the wife that you love. Resemble anybody you know?”

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