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The Guardian

You and I have a very real Invisible Guardian in The Lord Jesus.


Hilary was nervous, she had ten minutes to come up with something.  It wasn’t a whole campaign, just the pitch.  Normally, she would have had this finished days ago, but the baby had been sick.  Last night she was up until four am with Brook.  Marin Crandall, the CEO, was understanding but expected something today.

She sketched an idea on her notepad, or so she thought.  When Hilary looked down at it, she saw a picture of her holding the baby at four in the morning.  She started to frown, an unexpected smile surfaced instead.

Hilary quickly called Marin and pitched her idea. She loved it.  Marin added a few sentences to her pitch and they were ready to go.  Hilary walked into the Conference Room  more confident, and much less tired than she was a few minutes ago.

Looking at the client, John Waller of WBS Intl, she asked, “Mr. Waller, if I may, what went wrong for you today?”  Mr. Waller, not sure, but accommodating thought a moment.  “I dropped my medication on the floor.  I hadn’t put my contacts in yet, so it took me about 15 minutes to find it.  I say to find it, my Wife actually found it for me. Why do you ask?”

Hilary’s pitch had started.  “For me, it was a sick baby at four in the morning and a pitch meeting at seven am.  For Marin, it was a coffee cup, a pot hole, and a stained coat.  Thankfully my baby had me.  You had a wonderful spouse, and Marin had an Aunt twenty years ago.  Her Aunt Jean suggested keeping a second set of clothes in her office.  All these unexpected problems were resolved by people watching out for someone.”

“That’s what your company does for your clients.  An overseas market would cause their portfolio to drop by a million dollars while they were sleeping.  It would, if your brokers in that country hadn’t sold before hand.  An identity thief may take off with someone’s nest egg, if it hadn’t been for the safe guards that secured their account.”

“What you offer your clients is more than a series of financial services.  You offer a guardian, someone that watches over a person’s assets, even in dire situations.  We feel that the perfect advertisement for your firm is that of an invisible guardian.  Someone who watches over their valuables day in, and day out.  For the valuables they safe guard, aren’t the dollar signs, it’s more than that.”

“Your company safe guards the tools that empower your clients to provide opportunities for others.  Whether its ensuring that a Grandfather can give his grandchildren the money he saved for their college fund, or that middle aged executive finally buying his Wife their dream house.  You secure and increase their chance to make things possible for their loved ones.  We call it ‘The Invisible Guardian Of Opportunity’ campaign.”

Mr. Waller smiled, “Of course I love it. Marin, this lady is priceless, I would give her a raise.”  Hilary smiled, “Thank you sir, but she did when my daughter was born.  She called it an investment in the future, and I will never forget her confidence in me.”

Hilary really had two guardians in this story.  Her invisible one, and a visible one in Marin.  You and I have a very real Invisible Guardian in The Lord Jesus.  He moves in so many unexpected ways in our lives. He moves especially in the things that look like obstacles to us.  God also uses visible guardians, those people He places in our lives that protect and cherish us.

My hope though, is not only to rely on my Guardian, and guardians.  My hope is to allow The Invisible Guardian to work through me, turning me into a visible guardian for someone else.  How can I show the Love Of God you ask?  Simply by loving, sharing, and caring for others. 

Feeding the hungry doesn’t have to involve a food drop half way across the world.  It can start with a meal for our neighbor.  In and of myself, I can’t heal the sick, but I can visit and pray for them.  God’s business is the impossible, He doesn’t ask us to do that.  He asks us to do what is possible, providing Him the opportunity to do the rest!

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