Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge: A Cure

Jerry wasn’t moving, the team had expected either an explosion, or an escape at this point. They never even considered silence. Carter felt like he should say something, but he didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t been involved on one of these missions for a long time.

Isaac was used to the unexpected, even on these missions. He and his crew had a plan, everything was in place, and then something totally unplanned happened. He had learned that this wasn’t coincidence, it was Divine intervention. Isaac knew this was the case, because of the results that followed. He was experiencing one of those moments right now.

Finally, after two minutes, Jerry spoke. “Mr. Rosen, if I agree to speak to my Mother, will you help me with something else?” Isaac nodded, and didn’t ask for an explanation. Instead, he replied, “What do you need me to do?” “We need to get Mr. Gold to a hospital, I can save his hands.” Carter just looked at him.

“The company that I worked for found a cure for what I’m guessing is a degenerative never condition. Dr. Spencer Frankola just got Government approval on the medication. It’s not an instant cure, but it will work over time.”

Isaac laughed, “Dr. Spencer Frankola is an old friend, but I had no idea. He also is a member of a practice. One of his fellow doctors is looking for a transplant donor for your cousin. This transplant could save his life, and I believe, it may be the next step in salvaging yours Jerry.”

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