Serial Contest

Sky Bridge is aiming to a close. When it ends, we intend to introduce our readers to “The F.L.O.P.” and at least one other serial, when 140 Mile Stretch ends. This is where the contest comes in. The two candidates are Cambridge’s, and Mrs. Withers’ Dress Shop.

Mrs. Withers Dress Shop is a comical look at a family planning a wedding. While it centers around a loose fitting on an engagement ring, you watch as nervous family members slip into comical pieces. Watch as Mrs Withers fights to hold everything together for the big day.

Cambridge’s is nestled in the a cozy little shop in England, where nothing happens at 4:00. Of course that is before it does. Watch as the surprises unfold in a store filled with memories, and promise for the future.

Our question to you is this, Which would you rather read first, the “Cambridge’s”, or “Mrs. Withers’ Dress Shop?” It’s also our Weekly?, and we can’t wait for your answer!

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