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Focus On The Baby

We are blessed to attend the Church, Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor’s message last night was so incredible. It was something that I needed to hear. Lately, I’ve been provided opportunities to overcome. I didn’t realize it as much until the lesson last night. I should have, but too often I tend to panic in the midst of a battle.

We see trials as giants, whereas God sees them as contractions. Struggles cease, but the character they give birth to grows throughout our lives and Ministry.

Too many times, I discard the child and fret over the birth pains. It would be very easy to allow my trial to en-grain itself into my destiny. Instead, I must focus on the baby produced, not the means that brought her to birth.

God reminded me that Joseph didn’t name his trial, he named his sons. One was Manasseh, the other was Eprhaim. When referring to his firstborn, Joseph said that God had made him forget his toil. When the youngest was born, he stated that God had made him fruitful in his affliction.

Joseph raised his sons, not his sorrows. When he left Potiphar’s house, he left it completely. After leaving the prison, he washed, changed his garments, and left it behind. His children produced generations because he refused to allow the germs of past struggles to infect his future.

Lord, help me to focus on the permanent, and to let go of the temporary! We have been blessed with a God, and a Man Of God, that helps us grow the results of our trials. Their goal is to inspire us to release our tears when we hear the baby’s first cry!

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