The F.L.O.P.,  Writing Notes

The F.L.O.P. – The Eagle

Good morning Mr. President. It had been years since I had been here, especially shortly before Christmas. I had forgotten how cold it gets in northern Nova Scotia. Of course I was also sneezing from my allergies. As you know, our contact never made it at the first appointment. I received a phone call from a local hospital the next afternoon.

He said that he wasn’t sure why Meyersmith hadn’t killed him. I explained that at a certain level, it’s less messy to let people live. Had he killed him, he would have had to discard a body, which brings complications. For some reason, this didn’t really reassure our contact.

Jean Luc made a noise when we left the hotel, it was a garbling sound. I don’t usually work with partners, especially the four legged kind. So the sounds of a Russian blue cat that disliked me didn’t affect me. That’s until the car started overheating. I pulled over and checked it. All of the antifreeze was gone. and a note was wrapped around the coolant lid.”

“Edward, good to have you in town again. We are in a civilized city, it’s a wonderful time of the year. The contact situation was too messy, I got blood on my gloves. I shall see you at Le Tenir tonight at 7:00? We have much to speak about. You still haven’t met my daughter either.” – Meyersmith

I should explain the daughter comment. Meyersmith has an admiration for his competitors. If they are good enough, he thinks they should become family. He and his Wife had eight children. Meyersmith’s two son-in-laws once tried to kidnap him. They didn’t succeed, but they prevented him from eliminating them, and he was impressed. They say his daughters are beautiful, but I’m not anxious to have him for a Father-In-Law.

Jean Luc wasn’t happy about being stuck in his carrier, but he would get over it. In a few hours, I found myself setting at a table in the corner of the restaurant waiting on the host. I expected anything from Meyersmith, but I never expected him to be late. Meyersmith has never been late a day in his life.

Now I was worried. I started going over his invitation in my mind. He never said that he would meet me there. He said he would see me there. That’s when I saw the camera across the room. When I made it back to the room, it was still locked, that didn’t mean anything. When I opened the door, the cat carrier was gone, and my sneezing was not as bad. He had Jean Luc, not the way we had planned, but he had the cat. He also had the eagle, Meyersmith just didn’t know it.

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