Christmas Fun,  Writing Notes

Christmas Fun

Christmas is a time for celebration, for laughter and joy. It’s a time for little, even silly things, that make someone very special in our lives ver happy. It’s in that vein that I share a poem that was written to make my Wife smile.

The Cat Meets The Doctor

A visitor arrived in Whoville,
He had a companion we named Lil,
He helped the Cat in the Hat,
They fought a robot that sat,
It was green like the grinch,
With no hands to fight or pinch,
Just a long metal nose,
That shot out worry and woes,
All the citizens of Who hid,
Inside a blue box with a lid,
While cat, Lil, and friend,
Fought to the happy end.
The cat used a wobbly trocks,
While his friend opened all the locks,
With a screwdriver that glowed,
Each machine did explode,
Quieting all gurgling sounds,
No more villains around,
The Dr as he was known,
Shook hands with Mayor Reloan,
Boarded his Tardis ship,
Kissed Lil on the lips,
Of course he called her Rose,
Leaving the Cat in Hat and all Who’s in safe repose.

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