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Sky Bridge: All Wrapped Up

It was a year later, and they were at the hospital again. This time, Jerry and Michelle Sanders were bringing home a baby. Sean Michael Sanders was all wrapped up in his Grandmother Chloris’ arms.

It hadn’t happened over night, and took a lot of work, most things worth accomplishing are born of consistency. They kept at it, and eventually arrived at a far better place.
Carl and Annette pulled up in the transport. Their son Collin was helping them carry the bags out. Annette had never met Carl’s secretary’s husband. They still were amazed at how God had placed everyone within reach.
For the longest time, the two of them had looked for Chloris’ son as a possible donor, only to find him a few tables away. Collin’s recovery took almost the whole year, but he was getting better.
Thanks to Jerry’s sacrifice, he had a future. Thanks to Jerry letting go of the past, so did his family. Chloris got a second chance to be a Mother, and a first chance to be a Grandmother. Jerry and Michelle were more in love than ever before. Finances had worked out in time, but their mindset had been corrected long before their pocketbooks.

Carter Gold was painting again, donated pieces of his new collection filled the maternity wing of the new hospital. It had a special neo-natal unit with the latest equipment. The wing that he had given the money to build, and he had named. They wanted to call it the Carter Gold wing, he said no.

He named it simply The Mended Wing, which was the title of the first painting placed there. It was the first painting that he had painted after his recovery. It was the portrait of an Eagle soaring higher, leaving behind his nest on the ground, as it joined a group of other eagles. At the dedication, Carter said these words.

“You can’t tell it in the painting, I wasn’t sure how to convey it there. The eagles soaring with him, they are the friends that tended to him when his wing was broken. They made sure that he knew that he was still valuable, even while injured. That is what my friends and family did for me when I thought I would never paint again. I hope we all have friends like these throughout our lives. May this wing of the hospital, be a friend like that, to all who enter it’s doors.”

He didn’t tell anyone else, but he was also describing The Garden. It had been started by an architect, turned Pastor. A man who knew first hand how it felt to gamble away everything of true value in life, only to find a second chance, and a Savior in a garden.

He is a passenger on the elevator just leaving the event. His story, and the other occupant’s work, Dr. Jeremiah Coulson are far from over. Their story will be told in the next adventure of Sky Bridge. It starts the way this story ends, with a power outage, and an explosion.

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