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The Flop: The Prime Minister Doesn’t Like Me

I wondered how long it would take, a day, two, before he found it. Meyersmith was good, possibly the best I had ever faced. Jean Luc was in no danger, Meyersmith loved animals. He would know that the cat was a riddle, he would enjoy solving it.

So I waited, I visited areas of Novia Scotia, enjoyed a little of a Christmas vacation, and planned my next move. He found me in a local book store that sold coffee. We both loved coffee, and I had developed a sweet tooth, one that I regretted every morning in the gym.

When he set down with his crueler and his coffee, his first words were “Really?” I laughed, only he could put so much sarcasm into one word. I know that you have been briefed on him, but the official record is so cold. Avgust Meyyerkuznets, or Augustus Meyersmith has British and Russian citizenship. His Father was a Russian diplomat, his Mother was a member of Parliament.

“You scared my courier, not to mention put him in the hospital.” “He didn’t tell you? He lunged at me, I moved, and he fell. He caused his own injury.” I laughed, “He said something about being glad to be alive.”

Our conversation came back to Jean Luc, whom I heard meowing from behind me. He had returned him, no wonder I started sneezing again. “So you have it?” “Yes, but I must be slipping, it took me longer than it used too.” “It wasn’t designed to be easy, it was planned to be untraceable.” “Edward, you know nothing is untraceable.”

Mr. President, this meeting meant something else. He had the eagle, but he didn’t know what it was yet. It was an interrogation. He wanted to know what it was, how to use it, and what the repercussions were. It was time for a trip, and a meeting with his superior. I wasn’t looking forward to it, after all the Prime Minister doesn’t like me.

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