Since the beginning, God has selected very special people to be the Vision Carriers of His plan. They have been charged with communicating and casting that vision for God’s people. Men like Enoch, Noah, Moses, and Simon Peter both cast and carried God’s Message to man.

Today we call them Pastors, in Revelation, God called them the Angels of the Church. The calling they fulfill is not easy, and can at times, be very lonely. Yet, in every generation, faithful Men Of God have stood unwavering sharing God’s love. Cherish the Man Of God that He has placed in our lives to guide, edify, and direct us toward the future.

At our Church, Point Of Mercy, this Sunday, Senior Pastor Denny Livingston will share with us the theme for the new year. This theme will challenge us to draw closer to our God, care more for His people, and reach out to a hurting world. God has great plans for us in 2014, and I can’t wait to see what God has given our Pastor for our Church this Sunday!

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