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My Partner

Her name is Ashley Dawn Pruitt, she is my Wife, my Soulmate, my Partner, and my Friend. I love her so much! I wanted to take a few minutes and share how extra special that she is. While it will not surprise you to know that, next to God, she is my life, there’s something our readers may not know.

Of course she is the inspiration to much of my writing, but she is also my first Editor. If she is within ear shot, before it goes on the page she hears it. When I can’t ask her first, she’s the first one I ask when I see her. If she doesn’t like it, something gets changed, and not because she asks either. She is my biggest supporter, if she has issues with it, then I know our readers will.

The story L.O.C. And Key happened as a means to entertain her one night. Prevot Said No began the same, as did some others. If it wasn’t for this beautiful lady, there would be nothing of mine on amazon today.

I owe her so much more than my writing. Our love story is one that I think is a best seller. At least I recall it’s history regularly. I won’t take the time to share it all here, but I will say this. God and Precious Friends brought us together, and one hundred years worth of treasure couldn’t repay them for it.

If you have a spouse that loves you, hug her today. If you don’t, do not settle for less than who The Lord has for you. I waited thirty one years, and it was worth every second. They are out there. Don’t sell yourself something worth far less than who God intends to give you. It may be old fashioned, even out of style, but the right one partners with you to fulfill your destiny.

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