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The Italian Hatmaker

Guiseppe Cavallaro had a long history, and an adventurous life.  You wouldn’t think it to look at him, sewing leather in his hat shop.  You also wouldn’t expect that his house shop was not in Sicily, but in London.
He had been there for twenty years, he and his wife Laurel.  They had added five children to the Cavallaro family.  Of course, no one knew them by that name. To the world, they were Joseph and Laura Cavalier.
They hid their identity to secure a life together.  Guiseppe had not been famous or infamous.  His life began simply as a simple Italian hat maker in his native Italy.  Until the night he was kidnapped, and placed on a slow boat to France.
He expected his captor, when he finally met him, to have a French accent.  What he didn’t expect was to be staring in the face of the King Of England.
This was how Guiseppe’s rocky journey began, but he hadn’t minded long.  For the next face he saw was the French Princess Laurel, heir to the throne of France.  He didn’t know how, he didn’t know why, but he knew that he loved her.   Even when she said that he was ugly.
He laughed now at his words to his cell mate that night.  “I will marry her.” Ethan laughed, “She doesn’t even like you!  On top of the fact that her Papa is the King Of France no less, she says you’re ugly!  ”  His reply, “Yes, but she said it so beautifully!”
Find out how “The Italian Hatmaker” escapes the King in the next installment of our latest serial.

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