140 Mile Stretch,  Serials

140 Mile Stretch: Eight Year Bed And Breakfast

“So tell me about this agent that’s going with us.” He wanted to quickly change the subject before she asked about the coordinates again. “It was a tough choice,it came down to three agents. One from the CIA, NSA, and the Secret Service.  You’ll meet him at the second rendezvous point.  First, we have a side trip to make ourselves.”

 Tom didn’t like this piece of information. He was supposed to be in control, Phyllis was already rewriting the game, and they hadn’t even left.  He knew that he couldn’t argue either, she would simply threaten to shut down everything, and he couldn’t have that.

 So he nodded and they were speeding to an unknown destination.  Thirty minutes later, they stopped about a hundred miles away.  There was a man standing alone on the underground platform. He was tall, strong African American with gray hair and blue eyes. It was President Alex Whittaker! “What’s he doing here?” Tom didn’t understand, he had just talked to him before leaving the White House that morning.

 Virginia never left the transport, she had another conversation planned, and she didn’t want anyone else to hear. “Tom it’s good to see you. Walk with me please?” The President and the Secretary walked to a bench on the other end of the platform.

“I couldn’t talk freely at the office Tom.  Project Seismic is too important to take chances on. I’ve known you for what twenty years?” “Yes sir, about that, that’s why I’m asking you to trust me.” The President flashed his fake smile, “A lot of people ask me to do that Tom, half of them don’t work for me anymore. All of them don’t vote for me now.”

 Tom laughed, “You’re a second termer Mr. President, no one votes for you anymore.” That prompted a genuine smirk between two friends. “Tom, is this as important as you say, or some attempt to get the party behind you?”

 Tom sighed, “Sir, while every politician imagines sitting in that chair, my daydreams aren’t behind this.  My Grandfather’s research was an accident, my getting into politics is in no way connected to my desire to stop a terrorist plot.  This isn’t about getting a room in a four to eight year bed and breakfast, it’s about making sure the country is still standing this time yesterday.”

 “Good, now about Virginia, the transport pilot, … she is not who she seems. Her and Phyllis are talking, that’s the primary reason for this stop. I used it as an opportunity to have our talk, but their conversation is more important.” Tom looked confused. “What’s more important than a conversation with the President?”

 The President smiled, “Politicians come and go, spies stay. She is the backup, should Phyllis’ agent and you fail, Virginia won’t. She never has, but she’s a known commodity now. That eliminated any future missions, but not past ones that haven’t happened yet.”

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